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scene redirector provides url and host forwarding for free !

this means we‘ll redirect for example to (or whatever). the advantages are:

  • we have the realest short-url in the world ! "" is your best choice for a witty and really short url !
  • your new address ( or ( sounds cool and is easier to remember.
  • if your provider changes, just update your user settings in the members section !
  • url hiding
  • encryption
  • url checks all find that (up to 5 !)
  • framekiller on/off
  • file redirection ! like this old url: - now -
  • acl access control list. it‘s like a firewall, which means you can control which ips/hostnames are allowed to connect to your site !
  • auth you can setup username/password authentication for your website ! this means, visitors need to login with username and password to be able to see your site.
  • you may choose between,, and many more for redirection domains
  • we do not use popup banners or something like that, like uses.
  • we do host redirection too. this means we redirect e.g. or to your site.